Notion for Education

The all-in-one workspace for your studies

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What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one productivity app designed for individuals & teams. It is the perfect place for all your notes, docs, projects & databases.
It is the best tool for students & teachers to work on their studies, projects & ideas that move this world forward.

About Notion for Education

Notion for Education will be a community for students, teachers and scholars interested in, or currently using the productivity app Notion for their day-to-day work.
This will be the perfect place to find templates, connect with like-minded Notion users, and learn about ways of introducing Notion in your own school.

Interested in using Notion as a student/scholar? Let us know.

We're working on a powerful Notion for University/High school community. It'll be launching sometime soon, if you're interested, let us know below, we'll add you to our list!

Thank You

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